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The Chronicles of Viredia

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Empire of Fallen Skies

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For over 800 years the Lian Empire has ruled Viredia in a golden age from its Stratus Cities high in the skies above, their magistry creating wonders beyond imagination. Now the golden age has ended. Unstoppable, unspeakable abominations relentlessly advance and time is running out. Lliraeden, the shameful null of the Viridan family, holds the key that could save them all. The first instalment of a series, Empire of Fallen Skies, is currently in progress.

Kingdomfall Series

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Set over a thousand years after An Empire of Fallen Skies series, stay tuned for more information!

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“There’s no time to chose. We hold the line.”

Lliraeden – Schism

The series above are works in progress and names are subject to change, should they reach publication.

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