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The final fate of Mockingbird Lane

So, as any self-respecting tv enthusiast should know, Eddie Izzard had planned to reboot the Munsters into a show called Mockingbird Lane. It sounded awesome and potentially the ‘Desperate Housewives’ of the supernatural genre.

Then it sank like a rock and seemed destined for the cutting room floor. Que lots of sad faces and shrugs of ‘I’m not surprised.’ As a lot of good series premises do sem to go down the tube, I agree.


It now appears that NBC are willing to air the original pilot episode of Mockingbird Lane around Halloween, so we may get to see some of the awesomeness after all! Here’s hoping!

You never know, someone might be willing to pick it up for a full series, but don’t count on it!

For more info, you can see an article on Blastr.