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Taking the Next Step

It’s been a while since I’ve written here, which is pretty bad. A lot of things have happened, some good, some bad, all life. Even so, I wanted to set out my vision for the next steps here and what it will look like:

One day, I hope to make this site a fully interactive, dynamic lexicon of all things Viredia, with schwifty graphics, animated maps and databases filled with the errata that sits behind the books I’ve planned and one day will bring to life.

Until then, though, there are a few things I can do…

I’m working on that map myself and may even be able to show some sneak peeks over time before the full reveal in the final novel! I’ve lots of ideas to draw from and am excited to see if my idea of a multi-layered map is of interest to you all; let me know what you think in the comments!

Putting some of the world bible into hidden pages, ready for future publication. I know, it’s mean to say it and not pony up the goods, but think of it as a carefully planned reveal. Much more fun!

It all rather feels like a walk down a road shrouded in mist with a hand-drawn map as a guide! XD

I’ve also thought about posts talking about writing itself, my methods (such as they are), how it feels as an autistic writer to travel on this path and even the odd post on autism. If any of these interest you, please let me know and I’ll explore them.

Lastly I’m going to (slowly) start to post the odd review here and there about books I’m reading or have read, simply because I need to talk to people about the incredibly rich and vibrant worlds people craft that let me just tumble in and become enraptured.

So, I’ll leave it there, but I truly would LOVE to hear from you! Comment or use social media to spread the love!

G’night, Legends.

The Stratus Cities

Sometimes ideas come in a trickle, or fits and starts. Today I had a waterfall of them tumble out of the depths of my mind, teasing, tantalising and exciting me. I felt exhilarated, energised and eager to scribble them down and hammer them onto my mind map. I want to share some of Viredia with you today, so that maybe you can share in my excitement, too.

So, I want to introduce you to the first of the Stratus Cities; immense city-islands floating high in the skies of Viredia and the seats of power for the Magisterium, the Lian Empire.

Imagine gleaming spires of metal, stone and precious metals; gold, silver, platinum. Connected by intricate arched walkways, meticulously kept gardens, bridges and waterways snaking around grand temples, stadiums for sport and entertainment – all resting beneath a glittering white palace thrusting high up from a titanic mountain and floating like a beacon of sophistication and elegance in the skies.

Welcome to Lia, capitol of the Lian Empire and home to the Imperial House Rhon.

I hope you enjoyed this little peek into my imagination. I look forward to sharing more with you as time goes on!



A fresh coat of paint

Well after seeing how some other aspiring author’s sites were all shiny I knew I had to up my game. So here it is, unveiled and rolled out. I hope that you like the fresh coat of paint I put up.

It’s still a WIP (I have too many of those!), but I hope to polish it up and really get it smoothed out soon enough with plenty of information. It’s quite fun, working out how it all hangs together. I’m looking forward to it, and I hope you are too if you are interested in my scribblings (is it scribblings if it’s digital? Digitings doesn’t have the same ring to it…) Please let me know what you think of it in the comments!

It also occurs to me that I have been talking about what I have been doing to get writing…but nothing on what I’m actually writing about. That will change soon, I assure you, though the new branding and look may give you a hint! Stay tuned for more.